Creating A Cleaner Environment For Tomorrow
Since the beginning of the RECLAIM program introduced by the SCAQMD in 1993, our staff has been working with many high profile customers solely in the Southern California area solving complex compliance issues. Our close relationship with the local air district, along with our knowledge of local rules, are key to many successful installations of analyzer systems meeting regulatory requirements and certifications.

JDL Design is a full-service CEMS (Continuous Emissions Monitoring System) engineering,
fabrication, and software development firm specializing in air quality compliance issues. We
are strategically located in the heart of Orange County to primarily focus on local SCAQMD,
EPA Region 9, and California Air Resource Board regulatory affairs. Over the last ten years, our
territory has been confined to specific industries such as refining, power generation, and oil
production in the Greater Los Angeles Area; the objective is to provide our clients with the
highest level of support. Our small dynamic team of electrical engineers, computer scientists,
and environmental consultants are your best sources in turnkey solutions and technical